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God only knows when my last entry was.. (Still random) [
Friday.January 4th.2008]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I have no clue what so ever when my last update in this thing was. I guess when you grow up and get into new thing's the small things that used to consume all your pointless time now seem so pointless. Go figure.

Not a whole lot has has been going on really. I'm still married. It's been a little over two years now. We have our fair share of fights and whatnot, but who doesnt? You know I was just looking and I think I really need a new icon for this thing... maybe even a new layout. I've only had them since I was... what... 16-17 and now i'm 22. God, how the times have changed, lol. Sounds like i'm a millions years old now eh? lol. Truthfully, I don't even know why I am updating this thing. I guess i'm THAT bored right now and just wanted something to do and since my AIM is messing up on me for some reason I thought of this.

For some reason I decided that I wasnt going to sleep last night. Actually, my BODY decided that. I actually laid down and tried to sleep and I couldnt. I remember one time I took THREE sleeping pills and didnt feel a thing. I swear my Insomniac is getting even worse then before. I'm ganna have to start going out, getting drunk, and having fight to the point where I get knocked out just to be able to sleep at night.

I wish I could take all my old pics and all my old friends and compaire things from then up until now. It's so weird. I mean I found so many OLD friends on Myspace and everyone looks so different. I mean... they dont look different, but they all look so much more grown from when we used to hang out with Copley sguare and the pit. I guess thats what happens though right?

I was thinking about putting up a link with some pics like I used to all the time, but the more I think about it the more I deffinitly don't want to do that. Takes up way to much time and I don't think I would even know how to anymore, lol. If you really want to see some pics you can go check out my Myspace http://www.myspace.com/crystalxleigh I do believe it is set to private so you would have to add me first to be able to look at my pitures.

Ok, well I don't have much more to say so I guess this is were I say goodbye. Oh, I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and New Years!

-Crystal Leigh


Easy Tutorial : How to add an outline to a picture inside a picture [
Monday.June 4th.2007]
Ok, this is my first time trying to explain to other people how to do anything with this. It drove me crazy trying to learn this (I even looked on here) and could never figure it out. I figured now that I some what (or at least think) I know what i'm doing that I would help you guys out now.

[Unknown LJ tag]

Wow I still have one of these? [
Monday.October 30th.2006]
[ mood | bored ]

Ello all. Well, If anyone still has me on there friends list. I forgot I had a livejournal. Funny thing is I have an RPG journal and I still didnt even think about my own. I would love to get into detail about what's been going on in my life but I wouldnt want to bore you all. No, I guess SOME thing's have happened but you know.. whatever. I'm finally 21! lmao. Not that that changes much anyways.

Uhh yeah... Working at Shaws in the Deli. Yay for me. Get paid 9.25 an hour. thats not that bad. Still married to my beautiful wife Shelly. I heart her more then you! and uhh yeah still on myspace all the time. You guys should take a look and add me if you REALLY wanna keep in touch. I go on everyday at least once to look at messeges. Anywho, so how are all of you? Halloween is tomorrow all. Hope you all have fun I have to work Yay for me! lmao. Oh, well I dont get free candy I have to work for money and then go buy myself some. Poop. So yeah This is my little update to let you all know that I am alive and well. If you wanna talk IM me fools. Ra3l0v3r.

♥ Crystal

Starting New.....Let's Vent [
Friday.June 9th.2006]
[ mood | cranky ]

Ello... I know I know... WOW CRYSTAL IS UPDATING!?!?!?!?! I figured I have nothing else to do right now and plus... a few people coughcoughLISAcoughcough keep yelling at me to update this thing. I never do anymore yet I still have it. I think I'm to afraid to get ride of it because ive had it for so long now. So yeah, I'll give you an actual update.

I'm ganna start off with... Me and Shelly are doing good... as of being together and being in love. Here... I'll start from here..

We were in my room (Still living with my mom and dad) and a certain family member got into a fight with there mom and decided that they were ganna come stay with us. Of course my mom being as nice as she is says it's ok. At first I didn't care to much... When they were here it turned into... Well, my past. Woke up everyday seeing this person high as a fucking kite and nodding out. I didn't like it.. It brought back way to memories and shit. I didn't think it was fair to me, my wife, or either of my parents. I shouldnt have to live through that all over again nore should my parents and i'm damn sure my wife doesnt want to live through it now. It continued for a while and eventually it got really bad and I told my mom that (it sucked I know) she had to make a choice. Me or that person. I wasnt going to let this happen all over again to me.. I moved away because if it countless times and still to this day i'm trying to forget it all and move on. She pretty much told me that she wasn't going to change her mind. She said "well, you know, insert name here is family too and I care about Inster name here" Ok... who is she kidding? I mean yeah she cares about that person but did she stop to think about how the other 3 people in the house felt about the situation? No, I didn't think so either. I swore on my papa that if she let this person back in that me and Shelly were ganna pack and move out. Hmm, yeah.... I don't live at home anymore. We moved out.

My dad told me that he was going to try and help this person with the drugs. That he was going to ween this person down off the drugs. That it was ganna be his way or no way. The person decided that they needed to get high.. They NEEDED this fix. Well... I told the person that they didn't need it and that they shouldnt do this that my dad was going to help them. "I know I don't NEED it Crystal, I want it. You don't understand" that's what was said to me. FUCK YOU I DONT UNDERSTAND. I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT I LI(VED THROUGH IT MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE. I CARE ABOUT THIS PERSON AND IT KILLS ME TO SEE THIS HAPPENING AND KILLS ME EVEN MORE THAT I HAVE TO PACK UP AND MOVE OUT OF MY HOUSE WHEN I'M TRYING TO KET ON MY FEET BECASUE NEITHER MY WIFE OR I FEEL COMFORTABLE OR SAFE THERE ANYMORE.

We moved out and brought all our shit to her house. Well, her moms house. She has this HUGE house. It's me, her, nan, mom, Kristine, and Kenny. Oh, and four dogs. Thing's will deffinitly be different at her house. For the good and the bad, but we don't really have a choice anymore. Saturday is when we get our bed over there and everything will be final. As of now we are sleeping upstairs in her grandmothers house. I finally understand how she felt when she moved into my house. It's like im living in someone elses world now. I'm not in MY surroundings anymore and It's not MY home. I guess today her mom told her I was being very lazy this morning because I didn't help Nan take the trash out... Hmmm, Ok, don't just go jumping to conclutions. I had JUST woken up, no one told me anything about trash, and I was in the shower when Nan took it all aout I guess so PLEASE someone tell me how the hell I was being lazy. No, I'm not HER daughter and no I wasn't raised by her, but that doesn't mean i'm not capable of doing this on my own or not being capable of being responsiable. I mean god, come on now. There are a few hting's I don't agree on with her mom. Like... The fact that Shell y is 20 years old, married, has a job, and is tring to get on her feet... the fact that her mom says she's not allowed to have any friends over the house when she's not home. I mean not that Shelly would anyways or anything, but I mean come on now. There are a few other thing';s but i'm not ganna bother get into becasue It will just make me mad. I do agree on some thing's. Like having to pick up after yourself... Hmm, which reminds me. I DONT think it's fair that Kristine and Kenny sometimes (a lot) wont do there choirs and after a wile of saying no or I will and then not doing it.. it all of a sudden becomes Shelly's job. If that was the other way around do you think for one second that Kristine or Kenny would do Shelly's? I doubt it.. I HIGHLY doubt it. Also.. Her boyfriend does a lot of favors for people (her, Kenny and so on) We asked if he could help us move our beds to the house and whatnot. He said he would do it and everything. Everytime he does something for someone they tell him tahnk you and it's enough yet for some reason Her mom thinks that we should get him a giftcard for dunkies. EVERYONE ELSE JUST SAYS THANK YOU AND IT'S OK. Is it becasue I work at Dunkies??? That's not fair by any means. Also, she tells us that she htinks we will save a lot more living at her house yet she's asking us to spend more money KNOWING we don't have it... I don't get it.

On a good note.... Both Shelly and I have jobs now. She's working at Video To Go and I'm working two stores down from her at Dunkin Donuts. I was sad about it at first becasue I was getting paid 9.40 an hour at Wal-MArt and here at Dunkies I only get 7.50 an hour. I did the math today and this is what I came out with. Every TWO weeks at Wally world I would take home about 280 - 290.. At Dunkies I take home 170 a week wich is 340 every TWO weeks which is more then I got at Wal-Mart. One time I got about 380 at wal-mart but that's becasue I worked time and a hlaf so I got about an extra 100 bucks on that pay. Working at Dunkies you don't get time and a half becasue it's a resteraunt, BUT I DO get tips everyday. I make about 20 a shift in tips. I work 5 day's a night so that would add up to an extra 100 a week. So, i'm getting paid BETTER at Dunkies and getting time and a half every week. Pffft, that's a good thing.

I really don't know what else to say in here. I've had so much shit going through my head lately oh, AND i'm sick. So yeah.. Oh, I work with one of Shelly's ex's at Dunkies. Her name is Sue. I always heard thing's about her, but I never got to MEET her. I was never sure if I ever wanted to meet her, but I had no choice. Truth be told... She's pretty cool. Yeah yeah, ok... I'm bored with this updating my online journal thing. I have to go find something else to do. What I don't know becasue everyone I talk to (lisa) is not online. Pffft, If anyone even reads this bullshit anymore leave me some comments and uhh yeah.. just leave some comments. Oh, if you want to see some new pics of me then go to http://www.myspace.com/crystalxleigh <------------Should be some that people on here havent seen. Uhh yeah... GAHHHHHH Someone help me!

&& ♥ Crystal Leigh


Do you think it's long over due? [
Wednesday.March 22nd.2006]
[ mood | sore ]

Ello all. Well, those of you who would still have me on there friends list, lmao. Hmm, or those of you who just come across this. It's been WAY to long. I havent updated this thing since like January or some shit. I've been bussy as I probably said in older entries. Marriage is still going strong. We have our fights, but nothing we cant get through together.

I got a job. Yup yup, i'm working yet another reason why i'm NEVER on the computer. I get 9.40 an hour. Not bad for right now. Once we save up for a car were ganna go do home health aide work. <---------- 25.00 an hour. Good money. :) My stomach hurts right now and I have to be in work by 12. I work 12 - 9 most nights. Either that or till like 10:30. Shelly is in work right now. She's there till 3:00. I have no idea what I should right in this anymore. I used to just type anything and everything, but i'm kinda lost now. Thing's are good I guess thats all I can say. I love my wife, work is good, home is ok...

Lisa told me she wanted me to update a while ago but I never had the chance to so I am now. I think she is probably the only one who will read this and leave me a comment, lmao. I wonder if I will have to tell her first to that I updated, lol. I'm never even on myspace anymore. I need to update my pics and everything on there. One day when I have off and all that jazz I think I will update my pics and make a new layout. You know how I am with layouts. I'm surprised that I kept this one for so long. This is my fav one I think. I've had it since I can remember. It just suits me really good. I think the only thing I can update on this layout is the sidebar with all my info. Thing's have changed.

Oh, good news. Me and Shelly got a place of our own. Well, it's not done yet, but by the end of the summer it will be. It's 600 a month with EVERYTHING included. thats fucking awesome. Her mom owns two lots so she is ganna knock down the old thing and build us an appartment. Our own place. It will have a kitchen, bedroom, liveing room, bathroom, and balcony... Oh with central AC... that's awesome. I can't wait. I think I'd rather move away from everything and everyone, but beggers can't say no to an offer like that. Plus we will never find anything as good as that.

Ok, well me and my mother have to go buy cigerettes before I have to go to work so I'll be back later on tonight. If anyone even reads this leave a comment and say hi. I may try to update more often. I think I may make it friends only again too. Erm... Bye guys.

♥ Crystal

&$%#(%#^$$^ [
Thursday.January 5th.2006]
[ mood | depressed ]

I feel like fucking jumping off the tallest bridge right now. Ever since my mom got put in the hospital my dad thinks he's fucking he man. He think's he can run shit differently now cuz she's not here. Fuck him. Yeah, he misses her and he's worried but does that mean that I'm not worried? Go fuck yourself it's my mom. God, i'm so annoyed right now.

Elizabeth called me. Were ganna go back to school. Once I find a good place to go that we can study and shit. Not only that but I need a job lik eyou wouldnt believe. I NEED to move the fuck out. Like 3 years ago. God, he pisses me off so much. He thinks he knows it all and now he's taking all the cigerettes and hidding them. He gets a carton, my mom get's one and we split it. He took all hers and is now saying oh I bought this and that. Fuck him I took one of his and he can take one of hers to cover it. I don't care. I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE SO BAD! I want our own place. I Need our own place. I HATE living at home. I hate having to go to her house and stay I having to stay here. I would do ANYTHING for our own place. WTF!!!!!!!! Sometimes I feel like i'm the only one who want's this. I don't know. I really need to find a job right now or i'm ganna lose it. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! I want to cry and scream and just.... I don't know. My mom is sick in the hospital, I don't know when or if she's ganna get better. I don't have a job nore does Shelly. I don't have a high school diploma or even a GED. We have no money, my dad thinks he owns the world now. I FUCKING HATE LIFE RIGHT NOW.

They say thing's have to get worse before they get better... ok, well when do they finally stop getting worse and start getting better? What happens when you finally reach the bottom and can't do it anymore? I'm so tired of liveing here. I can't stress that enough. Sometimes I feel like just letting go and forgetting about everything and just not caring but that wont get me anywhere and even when I do care that doesnt get me anywhere. I HATE my family. I would really LOVE to have to never see half of them again. Even when I try and do do something good they don't see it and still bitch even though the ones that bitch at me are worse off then I am. I really don'tt know what to do. I really just want to cry right now and continute to cry until I just can't anymore. Not like crying ever got me anywhere before but yeah that's how I feel. I wanna cry myself to sleep every... 2.3 minutes. I don't know why I vent in here about anything. Maybe in hopes that someone will leave me a comment and tell just what I have to do but that's never going to happen. I'll get a sorry thing's are shitty and I hope it all works out. I don't need any of that because that doesn't help really. What I need is an OMG!!!! I know of a job that is hiring and you could so do it. Here is the number and after that I need an OMG!!!! I know this place.. it's a one bedroom and it's only 750 a month with everything included! If only wishes could be dreams and all my dreams could come true eh? OH OH OH OH!!! We need a car too. I don't really get to see my mom now because they moved her and I don't have a car. Not only that but I would need a car to get to half the places I need to go to look for a job or even a place to live.

Why are we dying to live if were just living to die? I'll never understand. I must go look at the food we don't have now because i'm hungry and can't eat. Sometimes I really think what my shithead family tells me is the truth. I mean... I don't have a job, not in school... I'm worthless, I'm never going to amount to anything in life, I over stay my welcome and bring people down with me when I feel like shit. I don't mean to but I do it. People tell me oh don't worry about this it's fine when in reality it's not because these people have thier own lives and I'm just walking in on them and telling them well ok put your life on hold so you can help me with mine. I guess I kinda don't even want the help. At least the kind I'm making out to sound like. I want someone to point me in the right direction but I wanna go and do it myself. I want to do it all and then look at my family and be like... Go fuck yourself. I did it and I did it without your help. Get out of my life and leave me alone. No, I don't even know if I want that. If your still reading this junk then hey you may actually care about me. Why, I'm not to sure but thanks I guess. Maybe you just have nothing better to do with your time right now... I don't know. We all have our bad day's eh? I'm having a bad year so far. Only good that came out of any of this is that My wife is by my side all the time.

Alyse's birthday is on Saterday. I don't even have anything for her. I ALWAYS have something for her. God, I don't know. I don't think I've felt this low in like... a REALLY long time. I've felt sad and shit but never this low about myself and life. Truth be told... The past few day's I've wanted to burn. I've thought about it and thought about it more and more but I haven't. I'm glad that I haven't but the erge (sp?) is so strong. Right now I say I really don't want to but In a few seconds my mind can change and I can think about all the bad shitr that is going on, it'll make me want to break down and that will be what I think about. I just want it to stop. I don't think I'm a bad person so I don't see why everyone else does. WHat am I doing that is so bad? Please, someone tell me so I can fix it. I don't know... I need to really get out of here. I mean I need to not be here, not be at Shelly's, not be at my sisters, not be at my aunt's, and not be anywhere but our own place. Ok, well i think i'm ganna go take a shower and shit. Have a lot of shitr on my mind. Blah blah blah bye now

♥ Crystal

happy new years? [
Saturday.December 31st.2005]
[ mood | depressed ]

Ello.... How is everyone? I know I know Long time no update. It's a habit now. I don't really care for my online journal thing is I've had it since I was like 17 or some shit so I don't wanna get rid of it just yet.. maybe not ever. I don't know.

Uhh me and Shelly are fine as per normal. We spent all the holiday's together. Christmas was great. She loved everything I got her. She got me this georgous locket braclet. One side says "I love you" and the other says "CLC" it's my fav thing this year besides being able to share it all with her. Today is New year's eve and let me tell you how it's going so far..... My mom had to get rushed out of my house on a streatcher this morning

I'll tell you the story. The other day (like 3 day's ago) I woke up cuz I heard my mom talking. I thought she was just talking to the dog like she always does so I didnt think much of it. I wakled out of my room to go to the bathroom and there she was at the kitchen table with the sugar spilt all over it. I mean ALL over the table. You know the little packets you from McD's and shit like the salt and peper ones? Well she had a tiny ass peper packet trying to scoop up all the sugar. Yeah, that's so not my mom. She would pick it all up and just dump it so I was like "what are you doing?" she told me she was cleaning. I sat down and started to talk to her. She had dun gone lost her mind. She's so fucking bad now. like.. She had the sugar dumped out all over the table, She had the vase inside the milk dish which also had sugar in that now as well, She was passing out right there and making up stupid shit. I asked her where the sugar dish was and she looked at me and said "oh uhh.. that girl moved it" "what girl mom?" "you know.. that one that was here with all the numbers? she was talking to you about number on your credit card" "my credit card ma?" "yeah" "I don't have a credit card!" then she would stop to like.. think about it and just act like she didn't say anything and go back to "cleaning" the sugar off the table. I told her i'd do it for her and then she says "ok, I have to get dressed" "why?" "I have to go see the baby" "what baby ma?" "Darlene's (my sister) baby girl Alexia" (confused look) "when did she have a baby ma?" "November 21st" "Ma, that's the day I got married" "Oh, that's nice" Wer got her up and to her room. She bent down my her dresser and opened the bottom draw. She patted the clothes and my dad asked her what she was doing "folding the clothes" she said and then closed it. I mean she just touched it that was it. She went to stand up and she fell over. She did it so gracefully and didnt even say anything like owe she just layed there. I was so worried about her.

She eneded up sleeping for a while. Me and Shelly had to watch her while my dad did a few thing's he had to do like get his stiches out. We started to clean my room and all of a sudden we heard some noise outside my door so we went to look and my mom was standing there shacking and she had a picture frame in one hand and my dads cd case in the other. "where is your father? I need your dad!" "he's not here right now" "where is he?" "he went food shopping ma" "oh" and then she almost fell again. I walked her to her room and laied her down and cleaned up her side of the bed. It was a mess. She took my dads cigerettes and took them out and layed them down on her table in rows, she put my body wash on top of the living room tv, and she put a canlde on my dads computer. we couldnt find anything. She went back to sleep and stayed that way for a while. My dad came home and she was still sleeping. Later on that night my dad woke her up to give her some food. He gave her a coffee and a bun thing. I heard her in the kitchen with the mircowave. I asked her what she was doing. She said she wanted it on 1 minute so it could heat up I aksed her what it was and she told me a bagel. I put it on and looked it was her coffee not a bagel. She grabbed another bun thingy.. I told her she already had one in her room and she told me to fuck off and not quiz her. She took off to her room with it and ended up dropping it in a pile of dirt. She picked up like she was ganna eat it so I tried to grab it from her and she started to punch me. She punched me 3 times in the arm and once in the face. I yelled at my dad cuz he was supposed to be watching her and instead he was playing a game on his computer. I lost it and called him an asshole and shit cuz she was ganna eat off the floor and he didnt even care. We called Shelly's mom and she came and got us. I couldnt do it anymore. I cleaned after her all day I watched her helped her and I got my ass kicked. When I came home she was sleeping. In the morning she was fine again, back to her old self. She didn't remember anything form the day before. She said sorry for hitting me and that she didnt know.

Today she lost it again and started making up shit again. Talking crazy about weird thing's. I aksed her where her pants where and she told me we used them to put on the dogs head when he was a clown... WTF!?!?! I don't know. My dad called the emt's and they took her. I'm so worried. My dog has been howling like crazy. My parents always told me that if a dog howles it means someone is going to die or they already did. I've never heard him howel like he has been today. I don't know what to do. Me and SHelly are ganna pick up my sister and bring her to see my mom. Shelly hates the hospital she's in so I feel bad and I feel even more bad that I have to drag her into all of this. I feel like the worst wife ever making drive here and do this even though I don't think she wants to. I feel like complete shit today. I feel like everyone is somehow mad with me about something and I can't do anything right. God, I love my mother. If anything ever happened to her I swear to god i'd... I don't know become a mute or somehting. I'd feel like a HUGE dickhead. I've always been a bitch to her and she's so sick. It's like I don't care when in reality I do I just don't know how to change. It's all i've ever known. I hate myself so bad. I wish I could make it all better and make everyone happy. I suck at life and should be kicked in the face.

Ok, yeah.. I don't know what else to write about. I feel like I have to throw up or something. I hope Shelly is not mad I'm asking her to do all of this. We still have to go to my nana's tonight. I know she don't wanna go but my Nana wants us to stop by. My aunt called me and asked if we were going still and I told her I don't know and she said to me "oh, well Nana really want's and your wife to stop by. She misses you she never see's yopu and she wants to get to know your wife a little better" she paused "plus Nana is sick Crystal and you don't know how much more time you have with her. I think it's a good idea if you twe stop by for a few" Way to make me feel even more like shit eh? Gah!!!! Whatever I don't know. I love my wife and I love my parents and I just want everything to be ok. I'm ganna go now. Do what I don;t know but I'm ganna go.

♥ Crystal

Herm [
Thursday.December 22nd.2005]
[ mood | sad ]

Ello. Long time no talk once again. Shelly is in the shower and I'm bored. I have t6o go to a wake today. My nephew's g/f's sister died. She was only 9 years old. So yeah. I think Shelly may be mad at me or just in a bad mood but I dont know why so I don't know.
I figured I'd update cuz I havent in a long time and Lisa keeps telling me I have to. I'm not sure what to even say in this thing.

I went away on Vaca with Shelly and her fam not to long ago. We went to the cape to go Christmas shopping. It was Me, her, her mother, her Grammy, Kristine, Kenny, Kelly, Billy, and Danny. Me, shelly, kristine, and Kelly shared a room. Kenny, Billy, and Danny shared one and then grammy and mom had one. They were nice rooms. Really nice. The bed's looked comfortable till we all went to sleep. We all woke up with bad necks, lmao. I got my shopping finished. I got Shelly a lot of good stuff. I'd tell you but she may end up reading this. If you REALLY wanna know then IM me, lmao. Ok, well Shelly is back now. I don't know. I feel kinda sick today. I don't know what to do.

God, I love her so much. Christmas is almost here!!! She is comming with me to visit my family christmas eve and then i'm staying at her house with her after that so we can spend christmas day with her family. I hope everything goes well. I just want to make her happy. I love when she smiles and sing's and touches me and everything. God, I'm so in love it's not even funny. She makes me so happy.

Her and I went to Kelly and Kayla's house last night. Amanda was there. It was a pretty good time. We all just joked around. Tommy M called me and ended up comming over. They all smoked and shit and then we just chilled. I got Alicia and Amanda to go on a date for new years. Were going to a party at Kayla's house that night. Should be... interesting. I don't know what else to say so I think I'm ganna let you all go now. Let you stop reading about my life and go live yours. Blah, peace out playas.

I love Sharlene Carbone! 224 <--

♥ Crystal

Bored [
Monday.December 5th.2005]
[ mood | bored ]

Ello all. I'm back once again. Went to a family party met Shelly's fam it was a blast. Were going away next weekend to the cape with her family.. this should be fun. Blah blah I was reading journals and des did a survey so I thought i'd do it to. Have fun, lol

The Big Honkin' Degrassi Survey
Who is most closely resembles your personality?:Craig
Who is your favorite female character?:Ashley
Who is your favorite male character?:Spinner
Who would you most want to go on a date with?:Spinner
Who would you like for a best friend?:Ellie
Who do you despise the most?:Paige
Who has the best fashion sense?:Ashley
Who has the coolest hair?:Ellie (old school Ellie)
Who has the sexiest eyes?:Craig
Which character do you feel sorriest for?:Craig
Who do you have NO sympathy for?:Manny
Who would you like to have your back in a fistfight?:Sean
Who would you NEVER expect to catch crying?:Alex
Who would make the best dad, when he grows up?:Craig
Who would make the best mom, when she grows up?:Emma
Who do you think could be a panty thief?:Mr. Raditch
Who would be the BEST lead for a spin-off show?:Craig
If only ONE other character could tag along, who?:Ashley
Who do you think would *really* be a good class prez?:Marco
Which of the adult characters do you like the most?:Caitlyn
Do you have a crush on them?:Sure, why not?
Which episode was your total favorite?:Rock and roll high
What specific scene did you enjoy the best?:"i'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. how many times do I have to say it?" "Until you mean it!"
Which episode made you cry the most?:TSS
What specific scene was especially tearful for you?:When Jimmy got shot and at the very end when emma and toby hug
Who's behavior pisses you off the most?:Manny
What one thing did they do that really angered you?:Fucked up Craig and Ashley
Who doesn't get enough play?:Jimmy
What boy do you think would be the best kisser?:Craig
What girl do you think would be the best kisser?:Truth, Manny
If you were (or are) gay, you'd probably go out with...:Ashley, Ellie, or Alex
Who really should have been arrested by now?:Jay
Which character do you think is secretly insecure?:Alex
Work; the theater with Paige OR the Dot with Spinner?:Dot with Spin
What was the most romantic hook-up on the show?:I think it has to be Crash but there are ones i've been wishing for
What scene was the sweetest, lovey-doviest? *swoon*:AtAshley's dad's wedding when Ashley mouthed the words "I love you" to Craig.. awh!
What two characters would you like to see get together?:Either Crellie (craig and Ellie) or Jillie (jimmy and Ellie)
If they got really kinky... which THREE?:Alex, Craig, and Manny
Who would make the best television reporter?:Liberty
Who would make the best police officer?:Uhhh... I'd go with des and say Jay, lmfao
Who would make the best exotic dancer?:Alex
Who would make the best psychic detective?:Emma
Who would make the best rockstar?:Craig, duh
Who would make the best artist?:Jimmy now of day's
New character; rather see a new boy or a new girl?:New girl now since there are so many new boys
No more image make-overs; Spinner or Ashley?:Ashley
What ethnicity do you think Alex is?:Italian, lmao
Marco's parents are TROLLS; is he adopted?:Nope
Would YOU adopt Marco?:Indeed I would
Could you *really* keep your paws off him?:I doubt it
Who could use a better significant other?:Craig... Cranny sucks hardcore
Would you buy a car from Joey Jeramiah?:Sure why not? He's to cute to say no to
Who is the most angst?:Ellie
Who is the most cheerful?:Paige
Who is the sluttiest?:Manny
Who is the most depressed?:Ashley and or Craig
Who could use to gain a few pounds?:Emma and Alex
Who could use a fork in the eye?:Hazel cux I don't like her
Ritalin Spin, Blonde Spin, Hobbit Spin, or Mohawk Spin?:Blonde Spin and mohawk Spin... NO NO NO ALL SPIN!!
What sort of fate does he deserve for his bad deeds?:In time they should all get over it and realize it was not his fault. That or him and Darcy should grow up together and get married leaving spin to forget about the past.
Who is most likely to commit suicide?:Uhh, I've been thinking about that one. I'm ganna say JT right now
Who is most likely to rob a convenient store?:Uhh Mr. Radtich?? No, Jay
Better emo poet; Ashley or Rick?:Ashley cuz I like her better
Will you buy (or have you bought) the DVD boxset?:Yes, I have and shall
If there is one, would you buy Cassie Steele's album?:Yessum
How much would you pay to tour the Degrassi set?:Not half as much as these people do. I love DSegrassi but some people are crazy
If you could only get ONE character's autograph...?:Shane Kippel
Who do you think will be big in other tv projects?:Lauren Collins, Jake Epstien
Who do you think will go on to star in lots of movies?:Lauren Collins
Was this survey fun? :D:Sure why not?
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

♥ Crystal

Over due [
Monday.November 28th.2005]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey hey hey... It's been since forever ago that I updated this thing. So much has happened I don't even know where to begin..

Shelly and I have been doing REALLY good. Actually, we just got married!!! Nov. 21, 2005!!! yup yup. I've never been more happy in my life then I am with her. She's amazing. Don't get me wrong, we have our fights once in a while. Some are bad and some are just whatever but we work through them all. I love her so much. Only thing now is I need money. I need like 2 jobs because I have so many bills to pay off now and shit. Plus we still need our own place. I went her family's house for thanksgiving and then she came with me to mine and all. It was good. This saterday I have to go to her cousins birthday party I need some money to get him a gift.

I really don't even know what to write in here. I actually got a real diary and I have been writting in that a little bit. I honestly forgot that I even had a livejournal. I would do anything for Shelly. She is living with me right now. She feels like she is going to overstay her welcome but that's not ganna happen. My mom and dad love her and they don't mind. It's not forever it's only till we get our own place. We already started looking. We found a nice place but we have to call and shit you know. We also need to find a place that will let us bring a puppy. She want's to play a game right now till I have to leave so this is going to be pretty short. Everytime I go to update anything the only thing I talk about is her pretty much. You always write about the things that are going on that either make you sad, mad, depressed, happy, joyful... and so on.. Well thats her I've never been so happy even during the fights we have. You could never imagine how much I love this girl.

Ok, well I have to go over Tommy McCarthy's house for a little bit. It's been a long time since I've seen him anyways so I have to go so I can spend some time with Shelly before I have to go. I may just update once again when I get back.

♥ Crystal

omg new eps and pics! [
Monday.September 19th.2005]
[ mood | excited ]

OMG IM WAITING FOR THE NEW EP OF DEGRASSI AND I SO CANT WAIT! It looks really fucking good and OMG Shane is my man and he looks all extra fine!

Shane is THE sexCollapse )

Oh Em GEE Tell me is not the hottest thing on the face of the earth!!!! Gah, he's so hot! ok, well I have to find a way to Baltimore so I can see him and Aub's. I shall go and see him and hump him and love him and then leave! lmao. No, I won't cuz I love my baby way to much but Shane is one sexy mofo! <3 lol

♥ Crystal

New diary [
Friday.September 16th.2005]
[ mood | bored ]

Ello. I love my livejournal only when I do update it only like.. 3 people out of god only knows how many reads this shit. MOst poeple say ok lets do an lj friends cut but I think it's pointless. I'm never on to update anymore anyways. This is ganna be my... past memories and uhh.. when I'm bored type thing. I just went out yesterday and bought an actually diary so yeah.

Shelly's birthday is on tuesday. I still didn't get her the one big thing I wanted to. Steve is supposed to take me to go get it today. I hope this works out good. Kristine is going to. So far I got her.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5 thing's and I still have to get her.... I think 3 things. out of the 5 thing's I already got only one is kinda big and that was including a card. I would update about how crazy thing's have been and what's going on but I did that last night in my real journal. I don't think I have the time nore energy to write all that in here.

Keebs is still sleeping. It's 11am and I want like everyone to call me to tell me whats going on today. I know that Steve don't get the car til about 4:30 today. Shelly Is comming over to get Keebies to go to the doctors so I might just get a ride to Weymouth with them and wait for Steve. I wouldn't mind Shelly bringing me only she would have to walk away and do her own thing cuz I don't want her to see what I'm getting. Erm!!! I have to go pick up my money first too. I'm so glad I don't have to work on her birthday.... or today, lmao. Oh yay guys. I got some new bracletts. Kenny got them for me and Alicia hates them. ALicia has bad taste then. Samma loves them and so do I! There so hot, lmao.

I don't know what to say I was just trying to ramble until I found something better to do and I did, smoke a cigerette. Yay! Then shower and get dressed. Talk to ya'll laters. :)

Crystal ♥ Shelly - and on

SO in love [
Monday.September 12th.2005]
[ mood | loved ]

Ello all. what's going on? Not to much here. I just got up. It was strange. I called Eric yesterday cuz It was his birthday so I could say happy birthday to him. I knew he still hated me I just wanted to be nice. I mean I've known him since I was about 12 after all. he yelled at me and blah blah. Today at 6am he called my cell. I answered and he was all like..."wake up Im coming to get you to take you to school" i was all like wtf and hung up. He called three more times and I didnt answer then finally I was like wtf and picked it up. He had called the wrong number the whole time. He thought I was Jennifer. Then after that I heard a noise around 10am and I was like wtf is that? It sounded like a cell phone but mine has certain rings. I opened my eyes and looked and it was my cell. It was an alarm so that Keebs could take her meds. I've been up since.

Work is going good. I love it except for when people steal my tips, lmao. It hasnt happened the past few times but It did before. The person that did it is trying to be all goody goody with me now. Ah, there is this kid named Doug that works in the back and he's so funny. I worked a 12 hour shift on saterday and towards the end of my shift he walks out and sprays me in the face with this bottle thing. I chased him into the back and we feel into the cookie sheets and knocked them all over. I thought I was ganna get fired. Then I got it and sprayed him and we ended up fighting for the botle on top of the thing where you make the bagels and shit... I had like flower and dough all over me. It wasa funny. He points at me and tells me "you, meet me in the sandbox 3 oclock!" lmfao! Then there is this kid named Phill that works in the back. He's the one that almost everyone at work has some kind of crush on. He was mopping and was always in the way when I turned aorund. so it became.. "if i'm ganna keep falling over you I should at least know your name" and thats how we met. I call him Stalker... lmao. There are these two older ladies that work there... Lilian, and Mary. They are so cute, lmao. Kristine works with me and we have so many inside jokes now! Funny shit. "Wanna go swimming at uncle bills?", "hey guys, want some cookies?", "how can I help you?", and so many more. There is this chick named Margo that only works on Sundays and yesterday she was hitting on me. Talking about how she's bi and i'm so pretty and how she wants to hang out sometime.

Shelly and I are good. Really good. Her birthday is in a few days. Yesterday I got her three cards, made her a cd, and bouthg her a cake that said I love you on it. I did it just because. I also went and bouthg her some thing's for her birthday. I'm not done yet but so far so good. I need to wait till I get my next pay for the rest. I let everyone at work read the cards I got her. Thats when Margo was like I wish I was your girlfriend and blah blah. I wish I had a g/f like you. I told her that Shelly and I were getting married and she was all like... "Damn, that means I can't hit on you and now nothing could happen with us". Damn right... Me and Shelly are getting married guys! :-D God, I'm so in love with her it's not even funny.

At the sk8 park last night one of Buddahs.. "friends" was there. We had a few words and then I pulled him aside because he said that his g/f was good friends with Molly (Buddahs g/f) and I told him that he better tell her to get looked at. Buddah gave one of my friends and STD so I KNOW he has something. He talked to her I guess. Anyways... I don't really know what else to wirte and once again I bet you the only people that will read this is Lisa and Alicia. Oh well... I have to go though cuz me and Keebs are ganna go make some food and whatnot. Bye guys!

♥ Crystal

I love Sharleene E. Hier

P.S Shelly and I finally went to the club. It was ok good show and then we got food at little steveies. I don't know if I updated about it yet but here is a pic form that night. It's kinda blurry.
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Here we come fallin' more in love [
Sunday.September 4th.2005]
[ mood | loved ]

Ello all!!! How's it going? I never update anymore.. actually I never do anything that involves the comp anymore. I'm never fucking home.

I so got a job! wo0tness. I needed some money badly so I was like fuck it i'll get a job. I'm working at Dunkies in South Weymouth. It's the fastest dunkies in all of U.S.A I am god. lmao. It really is though and I wqork early mornings. It's crazy. So yeah, Shelly andc I are doing great. I swear I LOVE that girl more and more everyday. She makes me feel... so different from anyone else. I don't know if I mentioned it in y last update but her mom hated me for no good reason. She had never met me or anything but Kenny was mad at me and told her BS lies about me. I finally got to talk to her mother myself. When her mom went to work Shelly got me and I spent the night over her house. Only, I had to get up at 6am for work. Shelly picked Kristine and I up after we got off and she told us we were going to a cook out at her uncles house. She told us that her mom said she could bring Steve and I. I was like WOW her mom said I could go thats crazy. We went back to her house to change and her mom was home so I got to see her but I didn't talk to her. Truthfully I was so nervous I didn't want to say anything. She said she was ganna be there to so I was like OMG blah. We showed up at the cook out and everyone was like want some food blah blah. I sat down and talked to Gramy for a little bit. She's such a sweetheart. We talked a lot and Shelly was like NO MY GRAMY! lmao. I'm glad her grandmother was there. I talk to her about a lot of stuff and I feel comfortable around her. Shelly's mom showed up and eventually sat down next to me and was like I'm Shelly's mom since no one introduced us before at the house. Then we talked. It was weird.

Later on Kristine was all like... Oh Crystal let's go in the pool. Eventually we got up and walked in. We swam around a little bit and then all of a sudden Kristine was like.. coughing and then out of no where she threw up IN THE POOL! lmao. It was funny though so we got out.. haha. I stayed over Shelly's again and yet again had to be up early for work. Work is great I like most of the people there and I even get paid a little more then most of them but only cuz I have experience. This one bitch named Jill I work with though stole my tips my second day there. I said something about it so I only ended up with about $15 in tips that day. The next day I wanted to work hard cuz I needed money for me and Shelly to go to the club. That fucking Cunt stole my tips at the end of the day.. Not ALL of them but it was still MY money. I ended up with about $35 that day. Shelly came and got me and we hung out and got ready at her house. Kenny decided he wanted to be my friend again. He let me make him pretty. I got to put all kinds of make up on him. It was great. Oh him and Amanda are dating now... THANKS TO ME! lmao. Speaking of Amanda is here right now but she is still sleeping, lmao. She's ganna help me pack my room today because we get to start moving our shit to the new huose!!! Wo0t! Me, Shelly, and Sean went to the club on Monday. It was cool. We got there and waited for people to show up. We hung out back and I did a survey and got this awesome new lighter that I can't seem to find already. After we left we drove over to Little Steveies for some food. Tavi was there with us, he's so fucking cute! lmao. A song cameo on in little Steveies and he got up on the table and started to dance. LMAO, it was funny. He's so cute. We ate some food and then all came back to my place. Sean was Downstairs and me and Shelly up here in my room. OMG, she met Jasmine... Like met her one on one met her. It's crazy and then she ran her mouth to Sam and Keebs about it. Pffft, Makes me sad a little. Oh, I love sexual shit always goes on when I have people sitting in my room. Keebs, and Sean were in my room last night while Shelly and I were messing around. It was so weird, lmao. My mom seen the neclace that Shelly gave me to wear. She asked me if It was an ENGAGMENT GIFT from her, ROFL!

There was probably more that has gone on I just can't member it all. If I don't update right after it happens i don't member much. Sorry, actually, I'm not. No one EVER reads this crap anymore. There like Crystal died and/or I just don't care her life Is gay. She can read mine but her's sucks. Oh well.. My life is so good right now. I'm in love, I'm ganna get married, I have an ok job, I'm moving, oh oh and I'm in love. Ok, well Sean just came up and I don't really have much more to say so I may update later when something else happens. Buh bye!

♥ Crystal

I LOVE Shelly!

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Dont know where to begin [
Tuesday.August 30th.2005]
[ mood | loved ]

Wow, It's been oh so long since I have updated this thing. Sorry abotu that thing's have been hella crazy. I know no one reads this carp anyways but still. I'm just ganna ramble on and on.

I started to go to Weymouth with my dad to the new house to help out. I started to wake Sam up and we hung out everyday. she introduced me to everyone and everything. I loved it. I'm so NEVER in the house anymore. Only to sleep. Anyways, She introduced me to this kid Kenny... Kenny Hier who has a twin sister Kristine who is now a good friend of mine and an older sister Shelly who is now my girlfriend. Shit was crazy for a while. me and Kenny talked every night online and on the phone. I really started to like him a lot ecept for the fact he was so young, but he knew how to make me laugh. Kenny was a grimy little fuck. Everytime we were around his friends he wouldnt pay me any mind. yet he tells everyone how much he likes me and blah blah. I mean he was forever talking about me I guess. I ended up meeting Shelly and got feelings for her as well. It sucked cuz they are brother and sister. Me Shelly haven't spent a day apart since the day we met basicly. She's so fucking cute and she's... Just I don't know. She makes me happy ecept for when she's sad or upset it makes me sad. Thing's are great though with her. There are so mnay things I wanna say about her and what has happened and how everything changed so fast with her but... she's actually on her way to get me so I don't have much time.

We drove Kristine and kenny over to Shelly's uncles house one night with Steve and it was funny.. We all ended up in the pool fully clothed... I mean jeans and all. That night Kenny didn't even say hi to me so last night I IMed him and asked him what was up... To make a long story short he yelled at me and was all like Im a bitch and im low to date his sister when I liked him yet he's the one that would tell me he liked me and never even notcied I was there. He really makes me mad sometimes. Either way... No matter what he could say to me. I'm so happy with Shelly. I just hope that everything is ok. I mean... I want her to like.. I don't know. I just don't want to lose her. I actually smile and have fun when I'm around her. Last night we dropped Sean off and came back to my house. We were supposed to go to the club but I lost my ID AGAIN so it was just Sean that went. We ened up driving to pick him up around 2am and then we went out to eat at little Steve's. Fun times. Me and Shelly were in our pjs and looked so cute everyone was like Awh, I love the pj thing you two have going on, lol. My mom really likes her too which makes me happy. I mean most of the time my mom has a reason for everything for someone NOT to stay over for a night. "we don't have anything to eat, We have nothing to drink, I can't support everyone else Crystal" I get those even when I ask if like... Alicia can stay over. I asked her If Shelly could stay over... "yeah, sure" and that was that. No fight or anything. She looked at me yesterday and asked me how I was getting Weymouth and I told her Shelly was coming to get me and she was like.."you know... I think she really likes you" lmao. If only she knew. When i was 14 I sat my mom down and told her I was bisexual and she hugged me and said it's ok that she loved me either way. The other day we had a serious talk and she was like..."Crystal...... Just don't tell me right now that your gay" It makes me sad. I don't want to hide anything from her but I just want her to be happy with me. I'm pretty sure she knows abotu me and Shelly but like... She hasn't heard it from me yet you know? God, I love my mom.

OK, yeah. I LOVE it in Weymouth. I know everyone and we all get along. Ecept for that fuck that tried to grab Amandas ass. Everyone thought I was crazy that night. Me and Shelly were driving away to go home and Amanda came over to the car to talk to me and that fuck was stairing at us so I yelled at him and then he didn't listen so I fucking lost it. I opened the car door and got out. i walked over to him, got in his face and started to bitch at him at the top of my lungs. I told him he better fucking leave before I broke his jaw. You bet you ass he fucking left and you bet your ass I lost my voice the day. It was cool though I almost have it back now. To make a long story even shorter now.. I'm doing so good and I'm so happy. I haven't been this happy... Since... i don't even remember right now but It was a LONG time ago. Ok, now That I worte all of that and I know no one ever reads this shit I shall go. It was fun Ya'll, lmao.

Crystal ♥ Shelly

P.S I got some pics of us if you wanna see. Or you can look HERE

wo0t wo0t [
Tuesday.August 16th.2005]
[ mood | ditzy ]

WHat's going on? I didn't get much sleep the other night and I thought I was only alseep for a little bit and all of a sudden my phone rang. It was Sean and as soon as I said hello.. He was like WANNA GO TO THE CLUB? So I was just yeah ok, but I have no money. He said he'd pay for me so we talked to cesar and my boots (Mark) and then we all met up at the club. Twas fun. We dance, watched the show, and then.... later on me and Cesar stole this nice as bag. Anyways we left a little bit earlier then Sean and Mark and walked over to the car to see what was in it. We each ended up with about 75-80$ and we bout some shit and blah blah. We was joking around and waiting Sean and boots and all of a sudden the car alam goes off so fucking stupid Cesar jumps up and runs. LMFAO. It was so funny. They came back with like... 6 people so all of us had to find a way to fit in.

We drove and dropped them off and then drove around trying to find a place to eat. Mind you this was at about.. 3am. Finally we got some food and joked around, took some pics... and then Cesar was off to drive me and Sean back to my house. said our goodbys, hugs, kisses, sex, wait, no I just lied about that last part. ;) anywho.. yeah we got home around 5am or so and I went online for a little bit and then laid in bed. My mom told me not to even sleep cuz I had to get up early. I fell asleep around 10am and then Sean woke me up at 12pm.. lol. I only got 2 hours of sleep. We drove over to the new house and blah blah. We picked out the paint for the new house and my room is ganna be pink.. It's a cute pink almost like this pink Kinda like my icon I guess... Anyways we walked to the teen center and grabbed Sam and then we went and I bought a pizza and drinks for everyone. We walked to CVS and I bought new sunglasses cuz I can't find my good ones and I got some smelly shit. MMMMM baby it's hot I love it. I bought 2 of the big bottles. lmao. Anyways.. yeah me and my daddoo went to stop and shop after and I bough soda and gum for my mom and then some bread for the house and juice for me, lol.

When my dad uploads the pic we took at the club I'll show you guys.. NOt only that I took a pic with a total AJ from backstreet boys look alike. lmao. He was hotter then AJ for sure but looked just like him. lmao. Now i'm home and I'm kinda tired so I may go to bed now plus I have to get up and go over the new house again. Oh oh I seen Mike.. HAHAHA he looked at me and looked like he seen a ghost and then didn't look at me again. ROFL. He better know I don't liek him and I WILL fuck him up if he looks at me. I don't like him by any means and I don't like how he treated my cousin. Nasty rat face cunt. ok, i'm done now hehe. lmao.

♥ Crystal

Dreams are... strange [
Saturday.August 13th.2005]
[ mood | amused ]

Ello.. I had the strangest dream last night. This is all I member.

Me and Sean were in this HUGE mall. I was sitting at some table reading a magazine and Sean was off shopping a little. We seem some lady and her boyfriend come in.. they looked like.. dirty and ewww. So, the girl started to shop around and the guy she was with came over and sat across from me. I was just like whatever and didn't say nything. Out of no where he looked at me and asked me if I was with the gay guy. I was like "Uhh yeah, actually I am" and then he started to talk all kinds of shit about gay people. I was trying to keep my cool but then I said something REALLY offensive to him because all I member was getting up and taking off cuz I was scared he was ganna hit me. I was yelling for Sean saying LETS GO and shit. I ran for it and then ended up in this room that looked like they were having a convention or some shit. I swear to god I was fucking flying. I like flew over people and looked down at them even though I wasnt up that high. I came down and I kinda tried to hide in with all the people. My back was facing everyone else. The chick walked in and started talking cuz she knew I was in there somewhere. I thoguth it was ganna be the guy. I heard her voice and was confused as to why it wasnt the guy in there. I was looking around and some kid (Who was kinda cute)asked me if she was talking about me and I told him and some girl the story and they were all on my side. Then I turned to fast the girl and when I did Sean was sitting in front of me like "Hey cookie"

I smiled at him cuz I was all happy he was there with me and happy. Then the girl spotted me and I just looked at her. She started to yell shit at me and then that cute kid yelled back at her and stuck up for me. She started to yell at him and was like shut the fuck up you dont know what happened and he was like who cares she's my friend and blah blah. Then she ran over to Sean and started to like hit him cuz I guess Sean beat her boyfriend up for talking shit. When she started hit him I jumped up and was like "WHAT THE FUCK" he I grabbed her by the face and like tisted her neck. Bitch fell to the ground and then I was like.. Oh shit i'm in trouble. I told Sean LEts go the cops will be here in a minute. So I turned around to leave and everyone was clapping for me which made me feel all cool and shit so I was like yeah yeah thats me and then I took off out the door. I started to run with Sean behind me and we found a door and was about to go out but a cop was standing there like he was looking for us and then we heard cop cars and shit so we ran the other way and then I ran into a fucking cop and THEN..... I woke up...

What the fuck does that mean? Me and Sean are ganna go kill all the homophobic people in the world.. and were starting at a mall near you? ROFL. Ok, alyse wants to play some games and do crafts so i'll be back laters.

♥ Crystal

updates are gay [
Wednesday.August 10th.2005]
[ mood | blank ]

Ello. SO yeah, my girls weekend with Sirrah is not ganna happen THIS weekend. It's ganna be NEXT weekend. HEr grandmother is sick or something like that so she asked me if we can hold till next weekend. I don;t have a problesm with it. I mean, I wanted to spend time with Alyse and for some reason Darlene is being dumb about it. She knew ALyse was ganna come over tonight and spend the ngiht with me but when I called her she was all like no she's out at my friends house and now she's still not home. If she's not home at 9pm Jay said he's not ganna bring her over because it will be to late.

Grrr, At least this way if she comes tomorrow we can have a longer time together. She can stay the weekend too. She's awesome and she's getting so big. AT the wedding I felt so bad for her though. Like, I dedicated a song to my dad and we shared a dance to it and all. She looked over at us and started to cry and when the song was done I pulled her aside and asked her what was wrong. She told me that she wished her dad was there and all. She said "I just started to see him again too and he's can't dance with me now" she's so cute and I felt so bad. I told her that my dad is her dad. He pretty much is.. I mean my dad is like all of there fathers. My dad has always been the one to be there for them and crap. So my dad picked her up and hugged her and told her he loved her and then she felt a litt;e better. Truthfuly, I don't think it's a good idea that she is seeing her dad again. I mean yeah it's good that she knows her her dad IS and all but I mean I taalked her to her yesterday and she was telling me 18 strickes... I didn't understand so she told me that well the first time he was ganna take me to see my brother michael and he didnt show up and then he was ganna take me to see.. (something) and he didnt come.. so I stoppped her was like ohhh ok I get it now. 18??? already??? I mean they literally JUST started seeine eachother again. She's only 11 and she doesnt need assholes in her life like that. I mean if he wasn't there for almpost 11 years what makes you think he's any better now? Pfft, get a clue.

Seany just called me. He's so cute when he's happy, lmao. I'm glad he met that guy. I forget his name but danm is he fine!!! He's like 23, and yeah he's fine as shit! LMAO! I'd so do him... if he wasnt gay of course, haha. Nick is getting married or at least that is what he just told me. I haven't talked to that kid in so long.. Glad to know he's doing good. I'm going over to Sean's house tomorrrow to look at the new place since Paul did some work on it.. and we get to pick out the colors for the walls and shit. My room is so pink with black shades and shit.. It's ganna match my myspace layout, lmao. Ok, well I just got out the shower and now I must blow dry my hair so i'll be back later. Leave me lot's O' Love... I don't think anyone ever reads this shit anymore. Pffft, I know i'm boreing eh? haha oh well, shit had been right crazy.
Later lovers!

♥ Crystal

Girls weekend! [
Wednesday.August 10th.2005]
[ mood | amused ]

What's going on? ALyse is comming over tomorrow. She's ganna stay for a few days and help me think of how to decorate my new room, lmao. Should be fin. I havent realyl hung out with her since I got home from Canada so now is my chance.

Sirrah, Kathy, Justin, and Anthony stopped by tonight. I talked with Sirrah... here are the plans. This friday her and I are driving up to Rockport and staying for the weekend. It's ganna be just me and her no guy's, parents, or annoying people. Just me, her, the beach, and the clubs.. oh and a house to ourselves! lmao. This should be good.Just realaz and be dumb. I can be myself around Sirrah so i have a feeling's its ganna kick ass. Only thing is.. I wont be able to be on the comp all weekend and when I get back i have to get down and REALLY start to pack. I bet my mom is ganna bitch at me when she finds out i'm leaving over the weekend. "CRYSTAL!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO PACK YOUR GOD DAMN ROOM! I'M NOT PACKING THE WHOLE HOUSE ALONE! I CAN'T DO IT BY MYSELF! RAWR!" yeah yeah I know but oh well.. I'll do it when I get home.

OK, well I just finished eating a little snack and all. Rping is almost done and then i'm off to bed. I can't wait for Alyse to get here! lmao. Fun time with her. hahahha. Anyways leave me some love guys! Oh take a look at my myspace account to. I redid the whole thing. Let me know what you think. Click here to see yay for me!

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Tuesday.August 9th.2005]
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Ello my lovely journalness, lol. How's it going? I'm... ok I suppose. I joined a few more rpgs... fun times. Also I'm ganna help Alicia co mod a Harry Potter rp. Yay for me I am god. LMAO. I miss Adam like crazy and blah. I talked to Jordan last night. he calls me at the most random times. Like he has to be off the phone at 11 so he calls me at like 10:51pm to talk... LMAO. Anyways, he's good so thats cool.

This me packing thing isn't working to good. I wanna move and I wanna get this done but I don't wanna pack. I hate packing I have sooooo much shit in my room. Erm.. I need to call some friends to come help. If anyone is willing CALL ME OR SOMETHING!!!! I need all the help I can get, haha. I redid my myspace page over.. i'm not sure if I like it but for now it's ganna stay that way cuz I spent a lot of time n it.

I went Kevin and Diann's wedding. It was really cute. I must say Mark (I thin thats his name LMAO) was looking REALLY good. He's a hunny guy, lol. Should have been there. His brother came to the wedding with this chick that looked like she was the wedding slut. She had on this TINY black dress, hooka shoes, and a playboy bunny neclace. I mean.. come on.. ITS A WEDDING not a strip club. God, she was herendous. Later on at the reseption she was running and everyone there got to see her damn ass, like her dress REALLY was up to her ass cheeks, no lie. She looked nasty... Pfft, the bitch didnt even have on any make up and she needed it. The funny thing is all us girls were in the bathroom talking and my 11 year old neice yealled so loud.. "Auntie, the stripper put some pants on!" It was so funny but the girl was standing right there, haha. Anyways.. we all danced and had a good time. Jimmy looked good So yeah, dancing.. We did the electric slid ( I had to teach them lmao), cotten eye joe...?, the cha cha slid.. ROFL there was so many but it was just a lot of fun. Yeah ok I can't think of Jimmy like that... Gah.. He like hates me now or some shit. He was my first boyfriend ever and now i'm moving downstairs from him. It should be like against the law for me to like him again or something. Someone kick me.

Ok, i'm done now, lmao. That was your update. I'm tired and now I must go take a shower an dthen pack some more. SOMEONE COME HELP ME WITH IT!!!!!!

♥ Crystal

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