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I dont lie to people i am very honest and sorry to be so blunt its just me, and I don’t like to be lied to. I’m not the perfect blond hair, blue eyed, little skinny cheerleader girl. Im ok with what i am. I am very body shy. I love to kiss, and i love to cuddle. I have no labels. I dress the way I like to dress. Im a hopeless romantic. I love the dark. I hate to read. I like to watch TV and movies a lot. I am not a vegetarian. I’m Catholic. I have an obsession with the color pink. I smoke. I drink sometimes. I collect bags... all kinds small, big, black, white, rainbow, and anything else. I’m rude. I get along best with gay guys. I’m extremely open. Im always on the phone. I love to talk on aim/aol. I'm a computer geek. I over stay my welcome. I hate sarcasm. I’m not racist. I’m not a whore. I am not homophobic. I love the night. I love to fall asleep with someone under my arm. I love to wake up with someones beside me. I am sometimes, a jealous person. I’m nice. I’m polite to people’s parents. I dont really care what poeple think of me. I Love to stay up all night and sleep all day. Im very lazy. My favorite color’s are black and pink they have been since I was young. I cuss a lot. I love art. I can’t dance. I Love poetry. I like to be alone sometimes. I don’t make eye contact with people at all.. When i talk to people i look at there lips. I Love my hair! I hate my body! I’m an extremely impulsive shopper. I have pretty much only guy friends. I Hate anime. I’m not a virgin so dont ask. I’ve had about 5 sexual partners my entire life. I love to draw. I love to color. I love to make graphic designs. I love to make new friends. I love to sing althought i cant do it that well. I talk to much and make myself sound stupid. I hate drugs. I love animals, yet i hate cats. Perfect date to me would be one that goes wrong. I love to stay in and watch movies. I could be the biggest bitch you ever met, i could be the love of your life, but somewhere in between i can really only be me...

Nothing phony dont hate on me what you get is what you see Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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